Physical Traits

Steelfall dwarves, like all dwarves, stand around 4’-5’ tall, but are so sturdy and heavily muscled they average the weight of the creatures several feet taller. Their skin tone is generally a deep tan or brown, and their hair is usually dark, earthy tones such as blacks, brown, or deep reds. Male steelfall dwarves share the dwarven affinity for long thick beards and usually where them in intricate but functional braids and decorative clasps. Female Steelfall dwarves take the same care and pride in their head hair, growing it long and wearing it decoratively.

In contrast to their earthy appearance, their eyes are bright, vibrant shades of a multitude of colors. Those colors range anywhere from blues and greens, to purples, golds, oranges, and even reds. In addition, older Steelfell dwarves, and especially those with a greater exposure to the elements of their volcano home, may lose the definition of their pupils and iris, and instead have eyes of solid color, glowing with a subtle light.

the Steelfall dwarves exposure to the earthy magics of their homes manifest in other ways as well; including the darkening or even blackening of the skin, most prominently in miners and craftsmen, as well as lengthening of their already extensive life expectancy. These changes in physical appearance, while a sign of stature and beauty in the steelfall community, often give them an imposing appearance and can be met with fear, or even hostility from other races.

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Physical Traits

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